Invigorate Your Senses with our AphroTEAsiac Blend

Invigorate Your Senses with our AphroTEAsiac Blend

How to naturally heighten your sensualiTEA

Lighting candles, slipping into something sexy, and listening to your favourite soft, sultry music is usually the way to go when you need to feed your sensuality. Some people may even go the extra mile and try all sorts of medications, folklore concoctions, and energy boosters to feel enticed!

We’re here to help you revitalize your sensuality and sexuality the natural way!

Unfortunately, at some point in life, whether it be during or post-menopause, the male ‘midlife crisis’, or simply just aging, males and females feel a droop in sex drive and desire, and this no doubt can affect our partners desire as well!

Aging, however, is not the only reason for low drive and desire. Many males and females across various age groups are finding themselves less and less enticed. The main culprits for slow sensuality are stress, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances, certain medications, and as cliché as it sounds - tiredness! 

Now we know that low sex drive and desire can affect relationships, marriages, and of course, your self-esteem. And sometimes seeking help and advice around this situation may be just a bit too out of your comfort zone, or frankly just straight up embarrassing! That’s where we come in, to help you liven up your libido the natural way - here’s how!

Lustful IntensiTEA

Rooibos tea is the main tea in our aphrodisiac blend. Carefully crafted and curated, Rooibos tea is exceptionally high in antioxidants, making it a powerful natural aphrodisiac! Antioxidants are vital in maintaining the healthy function of blood vessels and the circulatory system. Both blood vessel and circulatory health are crucial for healthy sexual function.

Dark Decadence

It’s common knowledge that the majority of people are chocoholics! High-quality dark chocolate or cacao is naturally high in mood-improving compounds. The magnesium found in chocolate helps ease tension and promote relaxation. Chocolate also naturally produces serotonin - the neurotransmitter responsible for feeling happy. Phenylethylamine is a compound released when we’re in love and released every time you ingest a piece of dark chocolate!

Passionate Plants

Our AphroTEAsiac Blend is crafted with delicious ingredients and flavours, all specially formulated to help plant the passion back in your life!

  • Maca Root: used for centuries to enhance fertility and arousal in both men and women, Maca root is also known for its ability to regulate hormones and sexual dysfunction. Traditionally Maca root is often used to treat stress, anxiety, and depression, making it an overall passion power plant!
  • Rose Petals: rose petals are often used to help ease the mind and calm the body. The aromatherapy of inhaling the scent of roses helps to increase emotional availability and increase feelings of well-being
  • Orange Blossoms and Orange Peel: with a calming and soothing scent, orange blossom and orange peel help alleviate pressure and promote intimacy. The phytonutrient hesperidin stimulates blood flow and circulation, which is vitally important in sexual function 
  • Hibiscus: used widely across the world for its health benefits, hibiscus petals are known to have aphrodisiac properties

Spicing up Your Love Life

The final touch to creating the perfect aphrodisiac tea is all-natural spices to add some heat and flavour to your life!

  • Cinnamon: due to its warming nature, cinnamon is often used to treat sexual dysfunction in males and females. Cinnamon is also known to be a powerful stimulant, helping to increase arousal 
  • Pink Pepper: many studies have linked the heating properties of pink pepper to increased circulation and arousal, making it a powerful aphrodisiac 
  • Star Aniseed: used for many centuries to treat male erectile dysfunction, star aniseed or star anise is used to naturally balance hormones and boost drive 
  • Cloves: cloves are said to be one of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs. Cloves have one of the best aromatherapy boosters to increase sexual desire and behavior, as well as improve stamina and energy 
  • Chili: many studies have linked the heat from chili to increased libido in both men and women. Chili is also known to boost arousal and increase blood flow

We’ve combined all the above natural ingredients and delicious flavours to provide you with the ultimate desire driving tea! The brew can be served both hot or cold and can be used daily to help maintain effects.

The Libido Livener

To fully ignite and spark your drive and passion, we’ve created the perfect pair! While sipping on our delicious AphroTEAsiac Blend, entice your partner with our luxurious Sensual Massage Balm.

Our silky smooth balm contains Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Ylang Ylang, and Rose essential oils. Together these ingredients produce a powerful aphrodisiac, helping to boost libido! 

With a gloriously smooth texture, the balm applies and glides perfectly over the body; while releasing relaxing and enticing aromatherapy!

Perfectly paired together, both the AphroTEAsiac Blend and the Sensual Massage Balm are here to help you boost and maintain your sensuality and drive! All-natural ingredients used are curated to help boost your natural ability to feel your sensuality again!

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