The Everything Tea - Gift Givers Guide

The Everything Tea - Gift Givers Guide

The Spirit of Gift Giving

The busiest time of year has finally arrived and along with it comes all the hustle and bustle of the festive season! While hunting for the perfect Christmas gift, do you ever stop to wonder why we give gifts in the first place? - and it’s not just because you’re on Santa’s Nice List!

The history and spirit of gift giving on Christmas is related back to The Three Wise Men giving the Baby Jesus 3 wonderful gifts, and has since been brought into the world’s Christmas custom along with candle lighting, caroling, and feasting!

From Father Christmas and Santa, to Saint Nicholas - Christmas is a special time of year when people rejoice, spend quality time with their loved ones, and give gifts to show their affection and gratitude to the people closest to them during this festive season.
No matter how distant or busy you’ve been this year, nothing shows love, appreciation and gratitude better than a thoughtful Christmas gift!

Why Tea Is The Perfect Christmas Gift!

Every family and friend group comes with different personalities and guess what? So does TEA! Tea is one of the most versatile gifts to give, from your boring Uncle John who only loves Earl Grey blends to your funky cousin Lizzy that loves experimenting with different colours and flavours - there’s a tea out there for everyone, and here’s why tea is the best Christmas gift to give!

  1. Tea is a gift of great health
    Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and so much more, tea is literally the gift of good health!
  2. Tea is a gift to a peaceful mind
    Let’s face it, Covid-19 has put stress on our entire world! It’s time to take back your mindfulness and relaxation and a great cup of tea is the perfect way to do so. Scientifically proven, tea consists of L-Theanine, a powerful amino acid which helps to balance the mind.
  3. Tea is a window to the flavors of the world!
    Tea is a delicious way to taste the different flavours of the world! From the natural bliss of China’s green tea, to the Spice Odyssey of Indian Chai - Tea has the ability to take you on a sensory tour of the world!
  4. Tea is a gift you can enjoy more than once
    Tea is a gift that can be enjoyed over and over again! Tea can be experimented with and tailored to your exact taste. Tea is love!
  5. Tea brings people together!
    There’s nothing more refreshing to a tea lover than a welcoming cup of delicious tea! For centuries tea has been a means of people gathering and sharing special moments and creating magical memories!

A tea lover can never have too much tea or too many tea accessories!

The Everything Tea Gift Givers Guide!

The Sleeping Beauty Gift Set is perfect for that friend or family member who is constantly complaining about never getting enough sleep!

The royal blue set is enriched with sleep promoting herbs and botanicals ensuring a luxurious and peaceful sleep to its drinker!

The Unicorn Tea & Magical Infuser Gift Set

Filled with magical colours and flavours - The Unicorn Tea and it’s Magical Infuser is the perfect gift for your loved one who loves adventure!

The delicious Unicorn Tea is a vibrant blue colour and can be made into a Unicorn Margarita in just minutes! The infuser is great for infusing gin, vodka, or any other Christmas Spirit into your tea!

The 5 Vials of Christmas 

For your loved one who’s always indecisive! The 5 Vials of Christmas Gift Set is perfect for your loved one who can never make up their mind!

The 5 Vials include all the wonderful colours and flavours of Christmas (Christmas Lights, Candy Cane, Mulled Wine, Santa’s Secret, and Gingerbread)

The White Christmas Deluxe Gift Set

It's both beautiful and the perfect gift for the ultimate tea lover!

If you’re unsure about what to get your loved one then get the set that has it all!

The White Christmas Deluxe Gift Set contains wonderful tea loving goodness that will last forever!

Create Your Own Blend

For your loved one that has practically everything - create a custom blend tailored to them!

Blend their favourite flavours and teas and create a unique and one-of-a-kind blend for your loved one this Christmas!

While the season of spreading and sharing love, joy, happiness, and gratitude is here, surprise your loved one with amazing Tea Loving gifts this Christmas!

Hurry Christmas orders close on 10th Dec 2020!

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