A Wedding with a Thousand Origami Cranes and Tea

A Wedding with a Thousand Origami Cranes and Tea

"According to Japanese lore, folding 1000 Origami Cranes is truly a labour of love. Tradition holds that the bride who finishes this task, called 'sembazuru', before her wedding day will be richly rewarded with a good and happy marriage"

This is exactly what this beautiful Bride did!

Everything Tea was delighted to supplier this beautiful Bride with fine tea and a Tea experience to compliment her stunning Japanese themed wedding.

The Tea Experience was a delightful experience for the guests while the Newly Weds had their photo session.


Guests could choose which tea they wanted and fill the cute heart shaped infuser with their selected tea.

Instruction were provided and the guests enjoyed this interactive experience.  Some guests came back for round two and three and some ended up creating their own custom blends.

Having a Tea Experience is a unique experience and can be customised to suite your special wedding theme.  Our tea is sugar free and we have a lot of caffeine free options, making it suitable for everyone.

A Special Thanks to Jess and Layne for asking us to be a part of your magical wedding day! If you would like to add a custom Tea Experience to complement your wedding, email us info@everythingtea.co.za and let us kept your guests entertained while you spent time taking photographs!

Photos: gfphotography.co.za

Decor: tabletopsandteas@gmail.com

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