Why the World Loves Loose Leaf Tea!

Why the World Loves Loose Leaf Tea!

Loose leaf tea vs tea bags - which is better?

Even though we love all types of tea and tea in all its forms. Over the years, there’s been an increasing love and demand for loose leaf tea over tea bags and sachets. We’re here to show you why!

“Tea is always a good idea” - and here’s why loose tea leaves always prevail:

The pure quality of loose leaf tea

There’s no doubt that the quality of loose leaf tea is superior to that of tea bags and tea sachets. When taking a closer look at loose leaf tea, you’re able to see it’s an actual tea leaf. When looking at the tea bags we use today, the majority are composed of tea ‘dust and fanning's’ leftover from tea production!

Loose leaf tea is a superior and high-quality tea that also carries more health benefits than tea bags. The majority of antioxidants, catechins, vitamins, and minerals that enrich tea are found within the actual leaf and are released during brewing/steeping. Unfortunately, the ‘dust and fanning's’ that makeup tea bags hardly match half the health benefits of loose leaf tea!

How does the tea stay in the teabag? Unfortunately, a large number of well-known tea bags are sealed with either tiny molecules and particles of glue or plastic! Meaning you’re steeping your tea and drinking up all the chemicals and toxins released from the tea bag itself!

When it comes to tea, stick to the leaves you can see!

Optimal infusion

Loose leaf tea is loved and preferred by many because of its ability to bring out the best tea has to offer. Let’s talk about tea expansion. Loose leaf tea has more room to expand when you steep/brew it. This allows the optimal aroma and flavour extraction from the tea leaves. You can see the size of the dried leaves multiply as it expands. While tea bags stay the same size from beginning to end of brewing/steeping. 

One of the more loved advantages of loose tea leaves is personalization! When steeping/brewing loose leaf tea, you’re able to adjust the time of brewing according to your taste and strength - without any funny aftertastes!

Eco-friendly and reusable

Loose-leaf tea can be steeped and re-steeped 4-5 times, saving you money and saving the environment! Here are some different ways you could use your ‘leftover leaves’:

  • Compost: loose tea leaves even after steeping is still nutrient dense - sprinkle them all around your garden or flower beds and nourish your soil
  • Healthy hair-mask: use your used loose tea leaves as an enriching hair-mask - take your leftover leaves and mix them with clean water, then spray your hair with the mixture and leave on for 10-15minutes before washing 
  • Relaxing bath: your used loose tea leaves make the best addition to a hot and relaxing bath! Add your used tea leaves to your bath water and reap all the benefits!
  • Fresheners: dry your used tea leaves in the sun, place them into little muslin bags and use them in your room, bathroom, cupboards, or drawers as a freshener 
  • Deodorizer: for smelly carpets or mats, sprinkle your wet leftover tea leaves on the area, leave for 5-8minutes, and vacuum/hoover the carpets. Sprinkle your used damn tea leaves onto your chopping boards to help absorb strong smells like fish, or meat
  • Facial/body exfoliators: your used tea leaves make the best overall body exfoliators, sensitive enough to use on your face and body, it’ll leave your body feeling and smelling fresh

MulTEAple ways of brewing and steeping

The majority of people love using loose leaf tea for the brewing/steeping process. From various brewing methods and steeping to obtaining fun new infusers - brewing loose leaf tea always sparks joy!

The cutest infusers ever

From little animals to gorgeous golden orbs - loose leaf tea infusers are compact and portable, allowing you to take your brew anywhere!

Teapots and canisters

For the people that love steeping tea the traditional way, there are beautiful glass teapots and canisters all fitted with infusers - steeping/brewing in teapots or canisters also allows for larger amounts of brewed tea.


If you find you're constantly on the go, there are flasks with built-in infusers to help you steep your tea on the go - even while you’re driving!


Yes, plungers for decades have been associated with coffee, and they prove to be just as effective in brewing/steeping tea! Simply follow the same process that you would for coffee (adjusting the steeping time according to the strength and taste you’re after).

Mindfulness and meditation

Using brewing/steeping loose leaf tea as a tool to practice mindfulness and meditation is becoming extremely popular. 

Brewing/steeping loose leaf tea is fantastic for focusing your attention, and allowing yourself just a few moments in your day to slow down and acknowledge everything around you. Some say after using steeping/brewing as a form of mindfulness, their tea tastes even better.

It’s said to help you connect with all of your senses. The gorgeous smells, and the satisfying expansion of the tea leaves in hot water, to the delicate and delicious tastes - it’s a sensational mindful experience!


From superior health benefits, and brewing methods, to delicious tastes and mindfulness - loose leaf tea provides it all!

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