Passion Fruit Oolong Iced Tea Cocktail

Passion Fruit Oolong Iced Tea Cocktail

There’s nothing quite like the blast of freedom, breath of fresh air, and beaming sunshine of summer!

This tasty, tangy and tantalizing cocktail is perfect for adding a splash of sweetness to those fresh Summer days - it’s bright colours will make you feel like you’re drinking the splendor of Summer!

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  • 200ml clean boiled water
  • 2g Coconut Lime Oolong Tea
  • 1-2 fresh passion fruit or passion fruit pulp (also known as granadilla) 
  • 25ml orange juice 
  • 25ml vodka 
  • Sweetener of your choice


  1. Bring your 200ml water to a rapid boil - then leave to rest for 60 seconds 
  2. Add your 2g (1 teaspoon) of loose Coconut Lime Oolong Tea to the water and brew for 2-5 minutes (allow the tea to cool completely before continuing)
  3. Once your tea has cooled add your 25ml of orange juice and fresh passion fruit/pulp to your tea 
  4. Add the mixture to a cocktail shaker - add 25ml vodka and add your sweetener of choice 
  5. Shake well and serve on ice!
  6. (Optional) add sliced apples/strawberries/mint for extra flavour 

Everything Tea Tips 

# Tip 1: Spiking your favourite Iced tea this Summer is the perfect way to combine teatime and happy hour! (Even if you don’t drink, simply omit the alcohol for a delicious iced tea mocktail!) 

# Tip 2: Remember to always brew your tea first - this allows the maximum extraction of flavour for your Iced Tea cocktail 

# Tip 3: Always allow your freshly brewed tea sufficient time to cool down before mixing in your other ingredients - another option is to steep them cold overnight in the fridge! However! Always taste your brew before blending with other ingredients to ensure it’s not too strong! 

# Tip 4: Have crushed or cubed ice ready in your freezer, fresh herbs like mint and edible flowers can complete the look and elevate your cocktail to the next level of awesomeness!

A Tall glass of Iced Tea with a dash of booze is the best way to share great thoughts with great minds...

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