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Fabulous Unicorn Tea Infuser

Fabulous Unicorn Tea Infuser

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Tea-bags are so yesterday! Everyone knows that.  Soulless little soggy sacks!  Rather let you tea be expertly steeped by a gorgeous mythical beast – the <Fabulous Unicorn Infuser.

This gorgeous mystical beast Splits in half just like Houdini's assistant and is spacious enough to fit in your favourite loose leaf tea comfortably.  The Ultra Fabulous Unicorn will transform plain hot water into a cup of Ultra Fabulous tea while you admire his beautiful rainbow mane and his lavishly unicorn hooves.

100% pure silicone (food grade) , easy to use and flexible

Strong temperature resistance, the suitable TEMP range from -40℃ to 250℃
Easy to use, superior design, practical and stylish
Convenient loading and unloading, easy to clean (perfect for the dishwasher)

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