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Mind Boost Blend

Mind Boost Blend

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Struggling to focus? Feeling sluggish? What do you need for a Mental boost? Mind Boost is a unique combination of Apples, beneficial herbs, spices (including a hint of Chili pepper!), Lion's mane and Guarana.

Your cup of delicious herbal tea is right here for you, ground yourself in the present moment and refocus your energy on what matters. This blend is soothingly delicious, followed by warmth of ginger and cinnamon. Enjoy it Hot or Iced.

Available in loose leaf (because it’s the best tasting and good for the planet)

100g tin| 100g refill pouch ( +- 50 servings)

Reminiscent of: Igniting your focus and drive
Make memories with: Your goals
Pair with: Honey and your to do list
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