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Pure Honeybush

Pure Honeybush

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Honey bush (Cyclopia intermedia) is a South African herbal tea made from the leaves of the honey bush plant.  The yellow flowers of the Honey bush shrub have a honey-like smell, which gives the plant and this tisane its name.  Historically Honey bush was first enjoyed by the indigenous Khoisan people and soon also enjoyed by settlers, who were interested in the medicinal benefits of honey bush.

100g Pouch of Loose leaf Honey bush

Cultivar: Cyclopia intermedia

Tasting notes:Floral, Lightly roasted, with hints of dark honey.

Caffeine: no caffeine

A strong deep cup of organic Honey bush is a surefire way to ease into Saturday mornings.

Reminiscent of: Saturday sleep-ins
Make memories with: Your bestie
Pair with: Honey, fresh scones and hot butter (!)

Regular consumption of Honey bush tea is associated with several long-term and short-term health benefits, making it an excellent alternative tea choice.

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